Greater Atlanta Girls Choir

The Greater Atlanta Girls Choir is a nonprofit, non-denominational organization for all girls grades 3-12 and includes Tour, Apprentice & Training Choirs.

The GAGC rehearses throughout the school year at Roswell United Methodist Church, 814 Mimosa Blvd, Roswell, GA. The Tour Choir performs throughout the year, including a summer tour. All choirs perform two major concerts each year — one during the winter holiday season, and one during the spring.

Members are selected via audition with the Artistic Director, Jennifer Rawson or the appropriate director for their age group. Selection and choir placement criteria include vocal maturity, accuracy of pitch, tonal memory, vocal experience, age and sight-reading skills.

Our directors choose music carefully, and the music selected is specifically arranged or composed for young women’s voices. The repertoire of music explores a wide range of musical styles, including some of the world’s greatest composers. Gershwin, Debussy and Copland are but a few of the many composers frequently performed by the girls. The GAGC is a nondenominational organization. As such, the literature for all performances is chosen strictly for the qualities inherent to the music and never intended to promote a particular religion or belief.

The GAGC focuses on developing more than just the vocal skills of these special girls. It stresses the development of ear training, the ability to read music and overall musicianship. The repertoire is carefully selected to challenge the girls, expose them to literature from the Renaissance to the Contemporary periods, and, of course, to entertain audiences. Through the experience of learning, rehearsing and performing, the girls grow musically and emotionally. They learn about hard work and working together. Ultimately, many talented individuals are combined to create one beautiful voice. In addition to the exposure to great music, skill development and emotional growth, these girls have fun.

The Greater Atlanta Girls Choir is a nonprofit organization registered in Fulton County, Georgia. The Artistic Director and the Board of Directors manage the choir. The Board coordinates administrative functions including general rules and policies, marketing and public relations, concert and tour management, volunteers and fundraising. The Board provides business direction and makes key decisions regarding the overall management and direction of the organization. All Board members serve in a volunteer capacity. The Artistic Director selects the musical repertoire and schedules performances, serves as the Director of the Tour choir and supervises the Apprentice and Traiing Choir Directors and Accompanist.

Mission Statement

The Greater Atlanta Girl’s Choir Aspires To:

  • develop a lifelong appreciation of music in choristers
  • develop choral skills through exposure to challenging, multi-cultural, multi-part choral music
  • build the confidence and self-esteem of the young women choristers by exposing them to positive role models
  • produce high quality recordings and live performances for local, national, and international communities that showcase cultural diversity and engage audiences in the beauty of choral artistry

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