The full season is August through May for the choirs, the fall semester is from August through December, and the spring semester is January through May. Each choir member is assessed a Supplies Fee to cover the cost of buying music for the concert season. Tuition and supply fees are paid each semester according to the following schedule:

Apprentice Choir Tour Choir Training Choir
Tuition $260 $325 $235
Supplies $40 $40 $40
Total $314.25 $382.34 $288.06


The entire fee (tuition and supplies) must be received by GAGC by the first rehearsal for the fall semester and the first rehearsal for the spring semester. There are two methods of payment, online with a credit card (use the form below – includes a 4.75% fee for PayPal processing), or by check or cash. Make checks payable to GAGC and drop them off at rehearsal with the Executive Director or mail them to the GAGC Executive Director:

GAGC P.O. Box 1380
Roswell, GA 30077

Special arrangements for payment of fees are possible when requested in writing to the GAGC Executive Director with a brief description of the special circumstances.

Late Payments

All fees owed are considered late one week after the due date. When an account is 15 days late, the parents will be contacted in order to arrange for immediate payment of past due fees. If fees are not received within 30 days the girl may be suspended from the choir until all fees are paid in full.

Make A Payment

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